Do my kids have to load Oxbow on their device?

It depends. If you are only interested in utilizing our extensive monitoring features, there is no need to download Oxbow on your child’s device. However, if you would like to approve or deny your children’s posts prior to them going live on Instagram, then your child will need Oxbow on their device. They must originate all posts from within Oxbow. Once approved, your child’s posts will be available to post to Instagram on their own device.

Who's behind this company?

Designed by parents for parents, brothers Chip and Dan Krueger developed Oxbow with the intent of protecting their own young children from the dangers of social media one day. Chip and Dan saw the effects of poor social media choices in their own community and recognized parents needed a tool to guide their kids. Oxbow Social Media Monitoring was born.

After downloading Oxbow does my child need the Instagram native App on their device?

Yes. Your child will continue to use Instagram as they have in the past. Their experience will not change unless you ask them to send pictures for approval or denial through Oxbow. In this scenario, only the manner in which they post pictures will change.

Will my child or their followers see the posts that I flag?

No. Think of the flags as a reminder just for you. Flag any content - positive or negative - to teach your children about good social media behavior. You may even flag a post that will be a good conversation starter with your teenagers.

Will my children know if I've blocked someone?

Your children will see the blocked user's profile as blocked.

Can I see my children's Instagram direct messaging through Oxbow?

At this point, we cannot provide a reliable connection to direct messaging in Instagram. These interactions are generally one to one or small groups. If you would like to see what's happening with direct messaging in Instagram, we recommend you occasionally go on your child's device and open Instagram. On their home screen, you'll see a icon in the shape of an inbox on the upper right corner. Click the icon to see their direct messages.

How do I cancel my Oxbow subscription?

Subscription cancelations have to be done through Apple.  See how to manage your subscription.