When it comes to social media, what’s standing between the people you care about and everything that can go wrong?

Oxbow is designed to monitor connected Instagram & Twitter accounts and to allow review, then approval or denial of outbound posts prior to them going live in your child’s stream,

Oxbow puts proactive social media monitoring in the right hands. Yours.


You see what they see.
You know what they know.

Oxbow empowers you to efficiently and effectively monitor your child’s Instagram & Twitter accounts from your own mobile device.


You decide what gets posted. You decide what doesn’t.

Oxbow enables you to review, approve or deny your child’s outbound Instagram & Twitter posts prior to them going live.


You deliver the knowledge. You deliver the skills.

Oxbow captures the moments you need – through the ability to flag Instagram & Twitter posts for later discussion – to provide social media understanding to your children.

30 days free!

The Oxbow Social Media Monitoring App is offering a 30 day free trial. Download today and help keep the people you care about away from the downside of social media.

Now available in the App Store. This is a limited time offer.

I was hesitant at letting my child on social media because I didn’t want to have to spend hours “policing” it. This app has made it so much easier to keep a watchful eye on Instagram & Twitter.

Mother of first time social media user

I will definitely continue to use the app to monitor my kids. I really like the ability to flag content so I am not scrolling when I need to talk to my kids about something. It‘s just there ready to go!

Mother of 2

My monitoring time was extremely more efficient! I did not need my children's phones to see their posts or what their friends were posting. I could do it on my phone on my time. HUGE!

Mother of 15 and 11 year olds

It’s kind of like the wild west. Kids can access things so easily and make snap decisions without delay, so tools that help provide “speed bumps” for our kids are exceptionally valuable.

Mother of 3

It is a nice change of pace for me to be able to help out in a proactive manner, as all too often in my line of work I am acting in reactive manner.

Veteran Police Detective


We invite your school to become an #OxbowSchool. Participating schools are proactively arming parents with a tool to teach their children about how to safely and smartly use social media. Each participating school is challenged to enroll as many new Oxbow users as possible. The Oxbow Social Media Monitoring App is free for the first 30 days. Don’t worry, we have provided you with a tool kit to help!

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