Getting admitted into law school is not very easy. Law school is a very competitive arena for people like you. You can get better chances of getting admitted into the law school of your dreams if you write a personal statement law school that could grab the attention of the people who will decide, which is the admissions committee. Our blog shares some interesting insights about writing a law school personal statement.

Purpose of a personal statement for law school

Consider the purpose of a law school personal statement, which is two-fold. First, you must try to convince an admissions committee that your accomplishments are worthy of consideration. Second, you need to prove that you are not only lawyer material, but you are also a perfect addition to the student body at that particular institution.

The goal of your essay is to provide evidence for these two claims. Emotional appeal won’t really work, so this is why you need to resort to logical argument that would prove your point that you deserve to be in a law school.

The presentation of your evidence

The admissions committee is your jury, and they need to see the proof that backs up your arguments. I work hard is not an evidentiary statement. How do you work hard? How have you demonstrated your work ethic throughout your lifetime, particularly in your undergraduate studies and employment? Your college grades at your undergraduate school will provide some evidence as to how hard a worker you are. Sharing your experiences in the workplace will too.

This means that you have to show and not just tell. You need to be specific in presenting your evidence. Don’t resort to vague generalities for this could weaken your argument.

More helpful tips

The second part of your essay needs to persuade your jury that you are a fit for that school. What is it about the institution that attracted you in the first place? For example, if the law school you are making application to has a strong commitment to encouraging pro bono work, describe why this appeals to you. Follow that by sharing related volunteer work that you’ve done.

You have to show to the admissions committee that you are not a fish out of the water. You need to make them see that you fit in perfectly in that specific community.

Aside from this, there are other more tips that could help you make a winning essay.

Provide explanations where necessary, but avoid making excuses. If you feel the need to explain, for example, a pattern of low grades at the beginning of your college career, or a change in your major, consider creating an addendum to your application to address this topic briefly and separately from the body of your personal statement.

Making excuses will give an impression of immaturity. As much as possible, talk about the brighter things in your essay.

Before you write your personal statement law school, weigh your goals and purposes. After you have done this, you have to show strong evidence of why you deserve to be in that specific law school. Make sure that you persuade the jury of your worthiness through your admission essay.