Admission requirements vary from one law school to another, but all of them ask one thing from applicants – the submission of a personal statement. Members of the selection committee read thousands of application essays, so you are solely responsible for ensuring that your essay will get noticed and remembered. How can you make this possible? Read on for essay writing tips on grabbing and holding your readers’ attention:

Your intro as a means to grab your admission essay readers’ attention

To come up with an introduction that will merit attention from the admissions board, think of yourself as a member of the board first. What do you expect to read or learn from the applicant? More importantly, how should the content of the essay be unraveled? Readers’ preferences vary considerably, but your main concern is to make sure that your intro will want them to read the rest of your essay. This is crucial if you don’t want them to miss essential parts of your essay. You want the board to have a positive recollection of your essay, so you need to start it with something fresh and different.

Essay writing tips for an effective intro

Admission essay writing guides suggest that storytelling makes an effective beginning to a personal statement. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. Always keep the focus on your views and direct it to your motivations. For instance, you can start your essay with an account of an unusual experience that has shaped your goals or changed your perspective. Like a good storyteller, find a central theme to keep you from leaving loose ends. In writing an interesting law school admission essay, it is advisable to come up with an intro that you can relate to distinctive qualities and abilities that you possess. Check your intro for inappropriateness or irrelevance. Have someone else read your draft to see if your intro works.

As the competition for law school admission is tough, you need your application essay to stand out. Begin it with something personal and interesting to make sure that your essay grabs and maintains the attention it deserves. Keep the focus on you and what makes you different from the rest. Take care that you don’t write something that may be memorable but inappropriate for your purpose.